PHP5 + JSON + as3corelib = a beautiful thing

This entry was posted on Feb 11 2009

I’ve decided to play around with an experimental front end for viewing projects in Flash. Since I OOPified (yes, that’s a technical term) the site and modeled the data, all of my objects can be easily serialized into JSON strings and passed back to the front end. Then using the as3corelib’s JSON classes, I can deserialize those objects and blammo. So much easier than having PHP output XML, then parsing that XML in flash, and then creating objects from… yeah, that sucks.

So I’ve got all of my stuff coming back into Flash in a format that’s really easy to consume and use and did it with very little work. I like that.

If I wanted to pass back a project object to the front end. I would make a request that would execute something like the following in PHP:

$prj = Alien109DAO::getProjectByPageRef($_REQUEST['p']);
$key = Alien109DAO::getKeywordsByProjectId($prj['id']);
$results = ProjectFactory::createProject($prj, $key);

First I get the project from the database. Then I get all of the associated keywords for that project. I then pass both of those results as arguments to my ProjectFactory which is a static class whose primary job is to just return a full Project object. Then the object is serialized, and returned in the response.

In Flash, in my event listener, I simply deserialize the JSON string back into an ActionScript object using the as3corelib’s JSON decoder class.

private function dataLoaded(e:DataReadyEvent):void
var projectObject:Object = JSON.decode(;


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