Force directed node interface

This entry was posted on Feb 14 2009

I’ve been working on the experimental Flash front-end I spoke about in the last post. The idea is to use a force directed or force based system for displaying categories, keywords, projects and their relationships. I was curious about what kind of user experience that would create.

Here’s a video of the force directed layout interface in action.

So, what is a force directed layout?

It is a method for positioning nodes of a graph in a way that is aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to digest. This is accomplished by creating a simulated physical system where all nodes are like electrically charged particles (Coulomb’s law) and the connections or associations are like springs (Hooke’s law). After running through thousands of iterations, the entire system begins to become stable until all the forces are in somewhat of an equilibrium.

force directed layout of project nodes
Fig. 1 Interface with only the category and technology nodes expanded.

Fig. 1 is a screenshot of the layout. In this example there are only a few nodes expanded, but it gives you an idea of how things end up looking. There are two base nodes: “Category” and “Technology”. Clicking these returns the appropriate set of subnodes. The association of these subnodes is shown with a line connecting the child and parent node. When clicking on a specific technology keyword or category, that category/keyword subnode expands into another set of nodes which are projects.

force directed layout of project nodes
Fig. 2 Interface with more nodes expanded

Fig. 2 shows the cross associations between categories and keywords.

So far it’s been a cool and somewhat successful little experiment. I’m not sure it would work as an interface as the node labels overlap too much and when there a lot of cross associations, things don’t look as organized and it’s much harder to read.

I still need to add node collapsing and make it so projects can be viewed. I’ll try to post a working example soon.

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